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band - Cries Hannah               6.24.07

interview w/Matt

BP: All hail Cries Hannah, lol!!! How's it going guys?

Matt: Haha, hey man. We are doing great!


BP: Let's make the rounds and introduce everybody...

Matt: Alright, my name is Matt, I do vocals. Trey plays guitar. Jason plays

bass. And Josh is our utility man. He's playing drums right now, lol.


BP: Thanks for taking the time to do the interview, I know you guys keep

pretty busy. Speaking of keeping busy, you guys are arguably the hardest

working band in the region. What motivates you to keep pushing so hard?

Matt: Well, to be honest, it's a couple of things. If we don't play shows, then

that means we will have to get real jobs to pay the bills and everyone knows that's no fun, haha. The other thing is just getting to talk to all the kids that come out to the shows. That's the real reason we're out there, to tell them how much we love them and share God's love. But it's all about the kids. (btw, thank you for interviewing us!)


BP: You're welcome! Ok, you guys do constantly tour it seems. How do you get your bookings? Do you have an agent helping, or is it all done internally via web contacts, other bands, etc?

Matt: Josh currently books all of our shows and has since before he was even in the band.


BP: I know most of you hail from Poplar Bluff, that right?

Matt: Yeah, for the most part. We all live within twenty miles of Poplar Bluff.


BP: What's up with the music scene down there?

Matt: Umm... back when we started there wasn't a scene, but within the past year and a half, the scene has really been blowing up.


BP: So, you guys are currently looking for a new drummer right?

Matt: That is correct.


BP: What are you looking for in a drummer?

Matt: Preferrably somebody who has experience touring, isn't going to college, and who doesn't have a girlfriend, haha.


BP: Alright, so I read your blog on MySpace about the horrific accident involving your tour bus and a semi. First off, I'm glad you guys are all ok! Tell us about that whole experience.

Matt: Well, we were leaving a suburb of Chicago after a show and we were on our way to the studio in Kansas City to record an ep. Josh, Jason, our drummer at the time, and myself were all sleeping while Trey was making the night's drive. All was well in Cries Hannah land when a semi abruptly hit us on the

four lane! Our drummer sustained a concussion, I had back and neck spasms, Trey ended up with a hole in his shoe, but no one else had anything serious. We were very blessed that night to just be able to walk away.


BP: What has the band learned from the accident?

Matt: That no matter what is going on, God has His hands on us.


BP: Ok, back to the music - I don't really hear the band talk much about the philosophy of the music itself. Here's your chance....... what is the meaning behind most of your lyrics?

Matt: The lyrics are all about experiences that I have had in my life. They range from past girlfriends to church, to world events. I always seem to use analogies, but in the new music that we've been writing I have been trying to write one big story. So I have been experimenting with them alot more and on a much larger scale. You can check out two of our new songs on our myspace and purevolume. Those are two chapters of a story that should be finished soon.


BP: Who's Hannah?

Matt: Hannah was the prophet Samuels mother in the Bible.


BP: I saw that you guys were the main band on earlier this week, and your MySpace

site has officially blown up. Does the band really work hard at internet promo, or does the music just speak for itself?

Matt: Well, I would be lying if I said we didn't care about our online promotion. We definitely do. We try to keep as busy at that as we are on the road, we feel they go hand in hand.


BP: Any shows coming up in the "Banned Promotions area" you want to plug?

Matt: We are about to hit up a tour with some friends of ours, Here I Come Falling, starting july 11, so try and come to any shows you can. We will also be doing select dates with An Airbag Saved My Life and After the Tragedy.


BP: Quick rundown - where can a person buy a cd, or find out more info about Cries Hannah?

Matt: You can pretty much buy our cd "Beloved, I Caught You When You Fell" at any online store or you can go to Hot Topic or Hastings. Also, you can download our two new demo songs and a few of our album songs for free at our myspace and purevolume, so check it out!


BP: Anything else you want to mention before we end this thang?

Matt: Just that we want to tell everyone reading this that we love you and thank you so much for your support, thoughts, and prayers. And that no matter what, never forget that God loves you!


BP: Alright, thanks again for the interview. With all of the hard work you put into your music, the

future is surely bright. Best of luck with the band, hope you guys sell millions of cd's......

Matt: Haha, thank you so much. It's been fun!


- -


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Visit Cries Hannah on Myspace 4517654587.jpg